For over 30 years parents choose Music Masters over other music schools for young children. Here is why:

Music Masters curriculum is the result of more than 30 years experience working with young children. It works! It is child tested day after day.

Music Masters is a child-centered, age appropriate program. The curriculum is very sequential and structured and it is designed to give children a solid foundation in music theory and piano/keyboard playing, while developing their musical skills: rhythm, listening and singing skills.

Children that go through the program have an excellent foundation to pursue any musical aspirations, and develop a deep love for music that will be with them for the rest of their lives.


Music Masters was founded in 1985. Thanks to wonderful parents like you, it is a very strong, successful music school for young children in which we learn much more than music theory; we learn to love music, and with it, everything that is beautiful in life.

Music Masters' founder and instructor Anita Goldberg has a B.A. in Piano and Music Education from Mexico City's National Music Concervatory. She continued her studies in Spain and the United States at Memphis University where she obtained her Masters in the Orff method of music education. "Miss Anita" founded Music Masters in San Antonio in 1985. The Music Masters' program includes the methods of Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze, as well as techniques ad curricula personally developed by Anita.


​​Music Masters classes are wonderful for young children—they are fun, creative, and geared specifically towards the young child. My kids have been delighted with Music Masters, and when the oldest advanced to private piano classes, the teacher was amazed at how advanced and well prepared she was.”
—Debra M.

​“Music Masters is a well-organized, fantastic curriculum and methodology. The class is extremely creative and attracts children’s interest. They learn so much! I am amazed at the level of understanding of music that children acquire by seemingly just playing. Also, making music in a group develops fantastic social skills! My daughter was learning piano one-on-one and found it very boring, but she loves coming to Miss Anita’s class, and I think her understanding of music is even stronger.”
—Sheree M.