What Parents Are Saying

“I love the way the children are introduced to music in a developmentally appropriate and fun way. They really understand how music works, how to read music, and play piano. It develops their rhythm, listening skills, and singing in a way that is really fun but very structured and disciplined.”
—Steve M.

“Music Masters is a comprehensive, child-oriented program in which music skills are developed and sharpened. It is a terrific program for developing a child’s intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being. Most of all, it is fun!”
—Janet F.

"Both of my children attended Music Masters program. Starting at the age 3 thru to 8 years. Anita was put on this earth to teach children music. They loved attending every week and they learned so much while having fun. Both of my children have careers in music, my son is a band director and my daughter is a music therapist. They both credit having such a wonderful start and solid musical foundation that they pursued musical careers. I recommend Music Masters to EVERYONE with young children."

—Julie Walker

"Music Masters is a fantastic program! My daughter was taught by the wonderful Ms. Anita until 2nd grade. Her music classes are educational -- and fun. My 11-year-old has since gone on to excel in piano, violin and chorus. I honestly believe that had she not had a musical foundation from Music Masters, she wouldn't have had the patience or interest to learn piano, violin and voice in private lessons."

—Diana Day

Dear Ms. Anita, My name is Emily Spezia-Shwiff. I was in Music Master from around 2001 to 2006 and completed the program. My little brother Nicholas was also in Music Master until 2009 when we moved. I am currently a senior in high school applying to colleges and I am strongly considering majoring in Music Education. I have continued to play piano and am currently working on the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Scarlatti's Sonata in G Major K260, Scriabin's 24 Preludes Op.11 - No.9 in E major, and others. I picked up trombone in middle school and I am currently the section leader/first trombone in my school's Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. I am also playing trombone in the pit band of my school's fall musical Catch Me If You Can. My sophomore year of high school I took AP Music Theory and learned enough theory to be a competent composer. Last year, I composed a concert's worth of music and directed the wind ensemble, smaller ensembles, and soloists how to play them. Here is a link to that concert if you are interested- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm7HryP5L1c&index=7&list=LLUXVj5fnTVDpJqPGKEiD8CA I played the Trombone Soli and the last piano piece 1-28-11. I just wanted to write to show you what happens to your students after your program, and thank you for being the first music teacher to instill the love of music into me.

Sincerely, Emily Spezia-Shwiff 

Nancy K Lovell
February 28 2017
Thank you, Anita for helping me engage my grandchildren's brains so that they can be fine adults in every academic area as well as cognitive, spiritual, and behavioral. Your program is a genius! Thank you for all of your time and your effort you are dearly loved by the Lovell family!

Ms Anita: Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. I have so many memories of you teaching me about the joys of music.

If it wasn't for the amazing foundation you set for me, I wouldn't be the musician I am today. Because of your influence I am in band, I'm learning guitar and i write my own songs. Your teaching has help me so much Thank you!

Hatley Whitfield, (17 y.o.)

“Music Masters is a well organized, fantastic curriculum and methodology. The class is extremely creative, and attracts the children's interest. They learn so much! I am amazed at the level of understanding of music that, seemingly just playing, is acquired by the children. Also, making music in a group develops fantastic social skills! My daughter was learning piano one on one and found it very boring, while she loves coming to Miss Anita's class, and I think her understanding of music is even stronger.”
Sheree M.

“Music Masters classes are wonderful for young children — they are fun, creative and geared specifically towards the young child. My kids have been delighted with Music Masters, and when the oldest advanced to private piano classes, the teacher was amazed at how advanced and well prepared she was.”
Debra M.